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Atsushi Sakai

Maybe that was a sign of not even dare to think about moving to Cancun.

Something that wasn’t an option in the first place tbh.

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even versatility is subordination

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Gosh, my account turns 6 years today. Sometimes I totally forget about it.

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So, on a day like this -5 years ago- I knew the fucker that changed my life for good and bad… It’s unbelievable how fast the time flies and how people change to a point where you can barely recognize them.

Sometimes I hate having such a good memory and, instead, I’d rather just press some button and delete all the data in my head, but I can’t.

Life goes on and everything happens for a reason, and maybe that reason is learning. Who knows?

Thinking about posting some other stuff apart from what I usually reblog, add more personal shit and that. I’m starting with this and see If I feel comfortable.

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